Quote of the Day: “A zen kind of chutzpah”

Tremonton Utah’s indefatigible satirist Jesus’ General (“an 11 on the manly scale of absolute gender”) posts his review of George Bush’s Decision Points at Amazon.com.  A taste:

The presidential memoir serves an important function in our society. It provides a former president with an opportunity to shape how we will be viewed by history.

They aren’t easy books to write. Facts create roadblocks that the ex-president must overcome. Most attempt to do so by twisting and tearing at the facts until an acceptable truth emerges. My president, Our Glorious Leader George W. Bush, boldly took another approach. He tortured the facts until they confessed to their treachery. Then, He summarily executed them with a Hellfire-C missile launched from a Predator drone.

And the results are breathtaking. I stood up and cheered when I read His claim that waterboarding isn’t torture because He paid His lawyers to say it isn’t. That’s chutzpah, my friends. It’s a zen kind of chutzpah, one that is only achieved when self-delusion and a supreme lack of self-awareness come into perfect balance.

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