Here We Go


This burnished old chestnut from a couple of years ago is back on the airwaves — because irresponsible badmouthing never needs much revision

The election hasn’t even been called yet — and may in fact be months away — but the Conservatives are already running attack ads against Michael Ignatieff: not anything related to what he says or believes or advocates, of course, just the fact that he exists and has a life and a career.  For Harperites, that’s enough to make him an enemy of the people.  And the attacks come, predictably enough, on the heels of a multi-multi-million dollar ad campaign promoting the government of Canada: your tax dollars spent to convince you that Conservatives are just cuddly centrists who probably really do love the CBC and universal health care — although evidently not as much as the sight of our armed forces kicking the ass of evil doers all around the world.  The Americans have only just rid themselves of Bush.  And here’s Harper apparently resolved to Rovify this country with resentment and what used to be called the politics of personal destruction but is now just called politics.  In the words of Rush Limbaugh: “I hope he fails.”

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