3 thoughts on “Today’s Campaign Videos

  1. Veronica Abbass

    Thank you for posting these three campaign videos and all the “Politics” postings. I am paying especially close attention to the parties and the candidates during this federal election campaign; reading The Educated Imagination political posts helps me keep up to date.

    1. Michael Happy Post author

      I’m glad you’re enjoying the coverage, Veronica. We’re trying hard to put all of this in a Frygian context, which is what is most relevant here. The dishonesty and corruption of this government speak for themselves. The fact that they are bucking the historical trend of civilized, co-operative government in this country is not so obvious, and there Frye can help us a great deal. As with everything else, he was a superlative student of Canada. He knew this country better than most — and, as you’ll see from Joe Adamson’s post going up on Monday, he understood not just who we have been, but who we might be.


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