RCMP Spied on Frye, Cont’d

The CBC has put up an online poll asking if the RCMP was justified in spying on Frye. Twenty percent of respondents have said yes. It’s not hard to guess who these people are.

(Photo: Canadian Press; h/t Clayton)

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One thought on “RCMP Spied on Frye, Cont’d

  1. Veronica Abbass

    Thanks for the link. The choices, yes, no, I’m not sure, are interesting. Why would people chose “I’m not sure”? What do they know about Frye that makes them uncertain about whether RCMP had grounds to spy on Northrop Frye?

    Some of the comments under the article are spot on, for example comment #1, by Greggiemacd:

    “Having decided to get involved in life and try to influence the way things happen makes anyone a legitimate target for ‘analysis.’ I have a feeling that Mr. Frye would have been amused at all the attention and would have had a great deal of fun embarrassing the ‘authorities’ had he only been aware of it all.”


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