Frye Alert: Index to the Collected Works

The Index to the Collected Works of Northrop Frye, magisterially compiled by Jean O’Grady, is now out.  See here

The Index will turn out to be the most valuable of the thirty volumes.  Thanks once more to Jean for this exceptional achievement and, of course, to Alvin Lee for his equally exceptional leadership in seeing this grand project to a glorious conclusion.

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One thought on “Frye Alert: Index to the Collected Works

  1. Peter Yan

    Millions of words and dollars later the collected works of NF…what an incredible feat. Congrats to all. My wife discovered my slush fund used to buy all the volumes but it is one of my most valuable possessions. Unfortunately in event of a fire I wont be able to save all 3O volumes. It will be tough which ones to choose…probably the Interviews, and the 2 volume set on the Late Notebooks.


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