“Occupation in October” November 9, 2011

KCRW radio at Santa Monica College has produced an excellent documentary on OWS during the crucial month of October, when the authorities were determined to disperse the demonstrators as the movement went global: “This is the moment that Occupy Wall Street won.” You can listen here. (Photo: Reuters)

Audio of the Day: State Cows June 21, 2011

We have some readers in Sweden who enjoyed our Steely Dan post and sent us this clip from a Steely Dan-influenced Swedish band. It’s a good tune. And no mistaking the influence. Enjoy.

Frye Festival Links May 4, 2011

Margaret Atwood at the Capitol Theatre Thanks to CBC Moncton, here are some Highlights from the Frye Festival, including an excerpt from Margaret Atwood’s talk, an inteview with Sylvia Tyson, and much more.  

B.W. Powe Lecture on Frye and McLuhan December 3, 2010

B.W. Powe’s recent lecture on Frye and McLuhan at York University can be heard here. (Scroll down just past the half way mark to “Listen to Past Presentations.”)

Dizzy Gillespie October 21, 2010

“Salt Peanuts” (with Charlie Parker on sax): the tune that in 1945 blew open the bebop era with maximum bop Today is Dizzy Gillespie‘s birthday (1917-1993).

Sir Thomas Wyatt October 6, 2010

“They Flee from Me” On this date Sir Thomas Wyatt died (1503-1549). Frye in Rencontre: “The General Editor’s Introduction”: It used to be said of Wyatt, being older and further down on the evolutionary scale, was a cruder pioneer than Surrey, who the same kind of thing much better.  This view of them resulted fromView Full Page…

Edgar Allan Poe October 3, 2010

“The Raven” read by Christopher Walken On this date in 1848  Edgar Allan Poe was found delirious in a gutter in Baltimore, Maryland under mysterious circumstances; it was the last time he was seen in public before his death. Frye in “The Survival of Eros in Poetry”: Occasionally one discovers a writer who is notView Full Page…

Wallace Stevens October 2, 2010

One of Frye’s favorite poems, “The Snowman,” read by the author Today is Wallace Stevens‘s birthday (1879-1955). Frye, in various interviews, on the imperfect as paradise: Wallace Stevens says “the imperfect is our paradise.”  And that means that any paradise you would try to reach would be an anticlimax.  The real paradise is something youView Full Page…

T.S. Eliot September 26, 2010

Eliot reading “The Burial of the Dead” from The Waste Land Today is T.S. Eliot‘s birthday (1888-1965).  Eliot, besides being one of the primary poets of the age, was also the dominant literary critic in English when Frye was a young man, and had a unique position in Frye’s life and career.  While Frye alwaysView Full Page…

William Faulkner September 25, 2010

Faulkner’s Nobel Prize speech.  (Transcript here.) Today is William Faulkner‘s birthday (1897-1962). Frye in “Tradition and Change in the Theory of Criticism”: [B]ecause literature is born of a specific culture and a specific locale, most great literature is intensely localized.  I know of no great literature written about an empire, with the very dubious exceptionView Full Page…