Unpublished Notes Now Posted


Our latest addition to the Robert D. Denham Library (live link in the upper right of the Menu column)  is a set of previously unpublished notes on miscellaneous subjects, including Jung, Jung and Blake, Shakespeare, Milton, the Providence of God, The Great Code, and William Morris.  (These notes can be found in the Previously Unpublished Material section.)

We are still getting a handle on working our new library wing.  There are some minor formatting issues to resolve which we will address first thing in the new year once our tech adviser is available.  For example, the unpublished letters of Elizabeth Fraser to Northrop Frye should soon include her original drawings that appear in them.  We’ll keep you updated.  But, in the meantime, everything posted is readable, so browse away.  There is already an extraordinary wealth of previously obscure material in there that any Frye scholar will want to see.

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