Our beloved benefactor, mentor, moral rudder, and all round inspiration for what we do here day in and day out, Bob Denham, sends us this congratulatory Skeltonic:

A moose, a beaver, maple leaf!
Canada is now the champ!

Crosby and his skating buddies
Revved it up another amp.

Barack lost a case of Molson.
Denham lost a Norrie stamp.

Looks like all those U.S. skaters
Need a bit more hockey camp.

I’ll leave to others who know the subtleties of the game better than I do, but it sure looked like it could have easily gone the other way — as sweet as that particular victory was, especially given that Canada finished first in the gold medals standing, the most ever won by a host nation.  The American team was great and will certainly be a contender four years from now.  And the Russians and Swedes will no doubt be resurgent.  It’s so nice that it’s both our game and that we don’t completely own it.

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One thought on “Champeens!

  1. Robert D. Denham

    I didn’t know that our (H)happy webmaster was going to post this doggerel. I had bet him a 46-cent Northrop Frye commemorative stamp from Canada Post that the U.S. would win. Thus, the “Norrie stamp” allusion. As I have mailed the stamp–in a tiny wooden frame–to MH, my debt has been forgiven.


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