Harvey Pekar, 1939 – 2010


Harvey Pekar, author for 34 years of American Splendor, died today at the age of 70.  Thanks to pioneers like Pekar, what were once comic books are now “graphic novels.”

A poignant little clip from the 2003 movie, American Splendor, after the jump.


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One thought on “Harvey Pekar, 1939 – 2010

  1. Ed Lemond

    Harvey Pekar was a great hit at the Frye Festival in 2007, when he sat alone on stage at Theatre L’Escaouette, under a bright light, and answered questions for an hour and a half from adoring fans. He didn’t prepare a talk or make any kind of statement or give a reading. It was like Harvey Pekar: The Artist is Present. Do with me what you want.


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