What’s Wrong with the New York Times, Ctd [Updated]


Maureen Dowd goes cougar — and draws a paycheque for reproducing an email exchange.  Again.

Evidently there’s nothing else going on in the entire world this week.


This would maybe make a nice piece for EW or the TV Guide, but what the flying fuck is it doing on the Op-Ed page of the most (rightly or wrongly) respected newspaper in the fucking world?

Update: Going through the readers’ comments on Dowd’s column this morning, I noticed that someone had observed that the whole thing reads like an “inadvertantly hilarious horror movie” conceived and directed by Woody Allen.  When I went back a little later to retrieve the comment in order to post it here, it had been deleted.  The Times has to work very hard to make Dowd appear to be a relevant something-or-other (political pundit?? arbiter of taste?? cultural critic?? “humorist”??) and apparently had second thoughts about a comment that was perhaps a little too close to the truth.

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