Videos of the Day: CNN’s Top Ten Gaffes

Rick Sanchez: “. . . you think of Hawaii and long words like that”

Vanity Fair has put together an idiots’ parade compilation of CNN’s top ten gaffes.  From the idiocy of Wolf Blitzer (for whom ten mangled words are always preferable to a single well-chosen one) to the idiocy of Rick Sanchez (“Iceland’s too cold for volcanoes”) to the idiocy of Erick “Son of Erick” Erickson (“David Souter is a goat-fucking child molester”), and all the way back round again to the primogenitural idiocy of Wolf Blitzer, l’idiota di tutti idioti.  Just one question: Why stop at ten?  A top one hundred would not be much more time consuming to compile.

Fox News may be evil incarnate.  But CNN is clownish stupidity, from one end of the 24 hour news cycle to the other, day in, day out, and without fail.  It’s all Ted Baxter now.  As with Paddy Chayefsky‘s Network, what was once satire is now just the new normal.

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