Daily Archives: October 19, 2010

Quote of the Day: “Nothing was undeniably out of the window”

We’re being spammed pretty heavily these days with solicitations like these two from Poland.  It’s like found poetry:

Allowable while!
Do You hunger on descry recent job? Do you after more monay? Find a contemporary, refurbish livelihood and exchange your world. It’s remarkably tranquilly with our grate site. Repress it!
P.S. Yahoo – the inviolate shooting apt wry be area! Google: nothing was undeniably out of the window…
Effect a confab with you.

And effect a confab with you too!

Hi every at one
I’ve recently set up
a marvelous search vehicle –
P.S. Yahoo – all when a established pleases be found! Google: nothing was categorically astray…
Bye to dick!

Thank you Google Translate for your remarkable linguistic prowess.  Or rather (from English to Yiddish to Hindi to Finnish to English): “Thanks to Google’s translation of their language skills are important.”

Jonathan Swift

On this date Jonathan Swift died (1667-1745).

Frye in “On Special Occasions”:

A profoundly Christian writer, Jonathan Swift, remarked that men have just enough religion to make them hate, but not enough to make them love one another.  To which we may add that those who have no religion at all don’t seem to hate any less on that account.  (CW 4, 324)