Quote of the Day: “Nothing was undeniably out of the window”

We’re being spammed pretty heavily these days with solicitations like these two from Poland.  It’s like found poetry:

Allowable while!
Do You hunger on descry recent job? Do you after more monay? Find a contemporary, refurbish livelihood and exchange your world. It’s remarkably tranquilly with our grate site. Repress it!
P.S. Yahoo – the inviolate shooting apt wry be area! Google: nothing was undeniably out of the window…
Effect a confab with you.

And effect a confab with you too!

Hi every at one
I’ve recently set up
a marvelous search vehicle –
P.S. Yahoo – all when a established pleases be found! Google: nothing was categorically astray…
Bye to dick!

Thank you Google Translate for your remarkable linguistic prowess.  Or rather (from English to Yiddish to Hindi to Finnish to English): “Thanks to Google’s translation of their language skills are important.”

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