Wannsee Conference


A scene from Conspiracy, HBO’s recreation of the Wannsee Conference from the surviving minutes of the meeting.  This scene is a point of demonic epiphany in which Nazi lawyer Wilhelm Stuckart of the Interior Ministry protests the elimination of the Jews as a matter of law, but then goes on to express his disdain for them in terms that illustrate Frye’s point below.

On this date in 1942 the Wannsee Conference took place, in which senior officials of the Nazi regime met to confirm the details of the Final Solution.

Frye in notes 52 :

Are-you-saved-brother extroverts and introverts with their inevitable crises of faith.  Pathological extensions take us into the mob, which has to have a scapegoat to project its self-doubts on, like the Jew in Nazi Germany who reminded the Nazis of their own nagging little voices telling them that their racism was shit and they really knew it was shit.  “I believe that” is dangerous when we still don’t know who is I or what that is.  (CW 6, 597)

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