“The Spread of Palinism”

Political Science student Awish Aslam, ejected from a Harper rally by Conservative Facebook creepers

Andrew Sullivan takes note that Palinism has spread to Canada via the Harper regime.  It’s a disturbing development. Using the RCMP (!!) to eject people from a Harper rally because Conservative operatives discovered they had posted pictures of themselves with Michael Ignatieff on Facebook is unacceptable on all levels.  It means, in the first place, that citizens are being spied upon and vetted for political purposes with the assistance of our national police force, which is horrifying.  It means also that those who do not make the cut are not (using Harper’s term) “real Canadians.”

Harper needs to be taught that even though a sizable majority of Canadians have never voted for him, he is nevertheless prime minister to all Canadians and is answerable to every single one of them.  He also needs to be reminded that he’s not the boss of us.  He’s our servant.


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One thought on ““The Spread of Palinism”

  1. Veronica Abbass

    Re: “[Harper] also needs to be reminded that he’s not the boss of us. He’s our servant.”

    Voters also need to be reminded of that; they also need to be reminded that they can send a message to Harper by voting against the Conservatives, that they are dissatisfied with their prime [public] servant. This will tell the leader of the party that forms the government that the citizens of Canada expect their prime [public] servant to serve the people and the country.


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