Yoko Ono Yanks Stephen Harper’s “Imagine”


Above is the original Lennon-Ono video of the song, the Stephen Harper cover of which Yoko Ono has compelled him to take down from YouTube. Listen to the song again and ask yourself if it has anything to do with Harper — beyond, that is, his desire to distract from a radical right wing agenda. Listen to the lyrics, and then think — billions more in corporate tax cuts in a country with one of the lowest corporate tax rates in the OECD, and tens of billions worth of jet fighters we do not need. Oh, and the prisons. That’s the one area of social spending Harper intends to increase: prisons. Not health care, not education, not support for the middle class and the poor. Prisons. Where, exactly, is the spirit of John Lennon in Stephen Harper’s politics?

After the jump, those who are still allowed to post the song: Bill Clinton, Neil Young and Lady Gaga.

And, finally, an earlier post featuring Northrop Frye on John Lennon.


Bill Clinton


Neil Young


Lady Gaga

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