TGIGF: “The Bright Side of Life”


“The Bright Side of Life” from Monty Python’s Life of Brian

It’s Good Friday and it seemed a good idea a couple of days ago to post some Christian standup. Christianity may be a divine comedy, but on the evidence provided by YouTube, there isn’t much that’s funny about Christian comedy. It’s like what Howard Stern says about country music: think of the worst song on an Eagles album — that’s country music. The rubber chicken and corn shtick that comedians gave up on fifty years ago (including an ominously unself-aware subtext: e.g. dad taking off his belt to give someone a good whipping) is like a mobile meth lab to Christian comedians. The laughter it generates certainly sounds chemically induced.

This bit from Monty Python may not be the funniest piece of religious satire ever conceived, but it is one of the most cheerful, and that seems appropriate enough. It is Easter Eve Eve after all.

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