May 21st, 6-ish


Harold Camping tells me so. . .

Frye brings a little sanity to those who insist upon being insane, and on a deadline too. From Notebook 11F:

The miserable bureaucratic parody of religion that says that all those who are not good enough for heaven must be bad enough for hell, when it’s so obvious that nobody is fit for either. Something here that blocks up the doctrine of immortality. No serious person will listen to such nonsense. The creation is not in the past; the Last Judgment is not in the future; we must get a proper view of creation that isn’t a projected sexual or artefact myth: when we get it the Last Judgment conception will clear up, and & when that clears up there shall be a way open for a conception of life without birth & death that isn’t either before birth or after death. (CW 13, 77)

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