Two Poems by Frye from 1931

Frye in 1929





An attractive young sophette from Tait House

Went out to a party at Gate House,

Which was not at all wild,

But her don said, “My child,

This place is your home, not a date house.”





The loved one’s shoes are small and neat,

And my beloved is light and fleet.

But one thing seems to me unmet:

They are so awfully full of feet.


[from Acta Victoriana 56, no. 3 (December 1931): 42]


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One thought on “Two Poems by Frye from 1931

  1. Veronica Abbass

    The first poem reminds me of a comment Frye made to Christina McCall after Frye read something she wrote (in the college newspaper I think):

    ‘”I am not perturbed when my students write in a nihilistic vein,” he said, looking in my direction. “My hope is that they are getting ready to say something better”‘ (30).

    From My Life as a Dame edited by Stephen Clarkson


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