Video of the Day: Taibbi on Occupy Wall Street

Matt Taibbi of Rolling Stone provides some context for the stubborn growth of the Occupy Wall Street protests, despite the efforts by the mainstream media either to ignore or dismiss them out of existence. It can’t be said too many times, when it comes to taking down Wall Street with the kind of journalism that’s hard to find anywhere these days, Taibbi’s the best. A couple of his articles here and here.

Meanwhile, the protests will shortly be coming to Canada.

A glance at the “Occupied Wall Street Journal” here.

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One thought on “Video of the Day: Taibbi on Occupy Wall Street

  1. Michael Happy Post author

    It looks like the now national wide protests of Occupy Wall Street have found a common identity that could resonate with millions of Americans: “We are the 99%” Website here.


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