Saturday Night Video: Occupy Everywhere

First OWS commercial.

Jesse LaGreca interviewed by Russian Television.

Early footage from Toronto.

I haven’t been posting video of police violence against the protesters because it puts the emphasis in the wrong place. However, if you want to see clips, you can find them at YouTube easily enough. What’s striking is that not only are the crowds peaceful and refusing to respond to police provocation, they are duly recording everything, which is why so much of this video exists. It’s worth recalling that what sparked this protest to become the international event it is today was viral video three weeks ago of a number of young women who were kettled and then pepper sprayed in the face at close range by a senior New York City police officer.


Raw footage out of Toronto this afternoon.

This movement no longer belongs just to the young people whose determination got it going. As this footage makes clear, it is now a middle class affair, including young families and retirees.

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