Degrees of Separation


Alan Adamson has pointed out that director Mary Harron is the daughter of Don Harron, establishing a link between Frye and American Psycho.

I suppose by this logic, we’ve also got a link to Stephen Vicinczey’s In Praise of Older Women (novel by second husband of Mary Harron’s mother). If, as Frye says (following Whitehead) that “everything is everywhere at once,” then we won’t be disappointed in finding links.

Frye, incidentally, wrote a dust jacket blurb for Vizinczey’s erotic novel, the request for which rather mortified Mary Harron’s mother–Gloria Fisher Harron Vizinczey.

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2 thoughts on “Degrees of Separation

  1. Michael Happy

    Okay, and if the real measure of degrees of separation is (as everyone knows) Kevin Bacon, then Karen Black starred in the film adapatation of In Praise of Older Women, who co-starred with Jack Nicholson in Five Easy Pieces, who co-starred with Kevin Bacon in A Few Good Men. Hence, there are only two degrees of separation between Northrop Frye and Kevin Bacon.


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