Coming Soon: Frye’s Religious Knowledge Lectures


Bob Denham has made a remarkable discovery: a full set of notes of Frye’s undergraduate course on Religious Knowledge.  Bob describes them as follows:

Course notes for twenty‑four lectures (September 1947 to March 1948)  compiled by Margaret Gayfer from her class notes, incorporating some notes by Richard Stingle.  They also include some of Frye’s answers to questions, and his review of the previous week’s lecture.

Margaret Gayfer and Richard Stingle were members of what Frye said was the “most brilliant” class he ever taught (1947–48).  Gayfer became an editor for the International Council for Adult Education.  She is the author of The Multi-grade Classroom––Myth and Reality: A Canadian Study (1991), An Overview of Canadian Education (1991), and numerous other publications on adult education.  Richard Stingle, who did his graduate work at the University of Wisconsin, taught English at the University of Western Ontario.

We don’t have to belabor how exciting a find this is.  We will start posting them over the weekend, one lecture per day over the next three weeks.

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One thought on “Coming Soon: Frye’s Religious Knowledge Lectures

  1. Peter StirFrye Yan

    Great find! I recall being in Frye’s class during 1988 and he was putting up notes that would later become the opening arguments for Words with Power. The notes were on the two creation myths in Genesis. The closest analogy, would be like witnessing art as it is made before youe yes…like being Abbey Road studios while the Beatles were making their albums.

    Look forward to the posts.


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