War of 1812


Burning the White House, August 14, 1814

Today is the anniversary of the beginning of three weeks of British raids on Fort Schlosser, Black Rock and Plattsburgh, New York in 1813, which provided victories for the Brits, the latter short-term.

It is also the anniversary a year later of the Battle of Chippawa in 1814, which proved to be only a nominal victory for the Brits.

Frye in an interview with Bill Moyers:

Moyers: There’s an old saw about a culture that thrives on Valium — that although the United States and Canada share a 3,968-mile border, Canada doesn’t keep troops on that border because Canadians know that if the United States invaded, you would win by simply boring us to death in three days.

Frye: Yes, or scaring you to death.  After all, we won several battles in the War of 1812 with about thirty Indians scattered through the woods.  (CW 24, 888-9)

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