“Civic Holiday”


That’s how calendars and daytimers blandly render this day in Canada — “Civic Holiday” —  because each part of the country has its own designation for it (Frye’s Canadian “anarchism” at work, er, play).  In New Brunswick, Ed Lemond of Moncton’s Frye Festival advises me, it’s New Brunswick Day because New Brunswick evidently lives in a New Brunswick-centric universe.  (Good for you, New Brunswick.)  In Ontario, it’s Simcoe Day — as in John Graves Simcoe, who only abolished slavery in Upper and Lower Canada in 1793, so I guess there’s no reason he should have a national holiday dedicated to him.

How else do we know it’s a holiday in Canada?  Well, for one thing, for the first time ever that I’m aware of, we had way more visitors from the U.S. than from Canada.  In fact, our traffic today was business as usual from all around the world.  But today Canadians were chillin’ it.

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