“I Give Up” Reprise


For non-Canadian viewers, here’s a direct link (which I was unable to provide yesterday) to Jon Stewart’s brilliant rant on Congress’ inability to pass a health care bill for chronically ill 9/11 responders.  Not to be missed. (Once again, Canadian viewers can see it here.)

While watching, ask yourself, “Is there anything more repulsive than Republicans from Texas?”  The reason Texas Representative Kevin Brady gives for voting against the bill raises an audible gasp from Stewart’s audience.  This is a congress of whores to big business who can’t find it in themselves to offer humanitarian aid to people they otherwise call “heroes.”  It is as disgusting a display as you could ever hope to see from politicians who actively undermine the duty they owe to the public they are supposed to serve.  As we’re dealing with obscenity today, this is what real obscenity looks like, and Jon’s declaration that Brady is an “asshole” is from God’s lips to your ear.

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