Video of the Day: Arcade Fire


The anthem that brought Arcade Fire to international attention in 2006, “Rebellion (Lies)”

It’s our first birthday today, so let’s have a little fun tonight.

Montreal’s Arcade Fire seems to be the hottest band in the world right now, beloved by everyone from David Bowie to Jon Stewart, on whose show they played two sets last week (and Jon almost never has musical guests).  They also seem to be some of the nicest people you’d care to meet; there are six of them playing three times that number of musical instruments.  They make the cliche about Canadians being sweet tempered and polite a heroic virtue — and explode the myth that that somehow makes us boring.

Their new album, The Suburbs, is at the top of the charts and is receiving rave reviews.  Why, here’s one now.

After the jump, audio of “Month of May” from The Suburbs.


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