Quote of the Day II: Rush Limbaugh, Dessert, and Liberal Lies

To insanity and beyond.  This used to be an SNL skit.  Now it’s real life.  Rush Limbaugh advises his listeners:

What have I told you about diet and exercise?  Exercise is irrelevant…. “How do you know all this?”  One of the reasons I know what I know is that I know liberals, and I know liberals lie, and if Michelle Obama’s gonna be out there ripping into “food desserts” and saying, “This is why people are fat,” I know it’s not true.  “Rush, do you really believe that? It’s that simple to you, liberals lie?”  Yes, it is, folks.  Once you learn that, once you come to grips with that, once you accept that, the rest is easy.  Very, very simple.  Now, my doctor has never told me to restrict any intake of salt, but if he did, I wouldn’t.  I’d just spend more time in the steam or the sauna sweating it out.

(Via the Daily Dish)

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One thought on “Quote of the Day II: Rush Limbaugh, Dessert, and Liberal Lies

  1. Clayton Chrusch

    The Frye of Fearful Symmetry, I think, might call this a consolidation of error, a hopeful sign: “It is the business of the imagination to force all falsehood into a denial of truth, to show error as error, to clarify it by reducing the neutral ground.”


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