Quote of the Day: Canada What?

Stephen Harper in an ad prominently featuring mountains, visible minorities and jet fighters:

“Canada is, and always has been, our home.”

What, exactly, is that supposed to mean?

Such rhetoric is, and always will be, a hollow log.

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1 thought on “Quote of the Day: Canada What?

  1. Veronica Abbass

    There is such a difference between the photo featured above and the one that heads the post “Frye and Tomkins on Democracy and Contempt.”

    My first reaction when I saw the photo above was Harper looks like Beaver Cleaver and/or Alfred E. Neuman.

    Re: “Canada is, and always has been, our home.”

    This is Harper’s failed attempt to sound like John Kennedy, “Ich bin ein Berliner” or to imitate one of Winston Churchill’s great lines.


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