Still More Spielberg and the Bible


Matthew Griffin:

Empire of the Sun as Isaiah? (especially Second & Third Isaiah…)

Peter Yan:

The Color Purple is definitely in the Exodus group.

I forgot that Prof. Gill listed A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) as Genesis as well: the birth of Adam.

Trailer for A.I. after the break.

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2 thoughts on “Still More Spielberg and the Bible

  1. Russell Perkin

    Last thought for this holiday weekend: as the story of a woman’s ultimate triumph, _The Color Purple_ can be grouped with Esther, Ruth, and Judith, and given Celie’s erotic awakening (which I remember well from the book, but can’t recall how prominent it is in the film), The Song of Solomon. “I am black and beautiful, O daughters of Jerusalem” (1:5).


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