Daily Archives: January 1, 2010

New Year Resolutions


My dear colleague Joe Adamson will resume blogging next week and we have at least one new confirmed byline correspondent, Glenna Sloan, whom we look forward to joining us.  We fully expect to confirm another handful of byliners very soon.

Our first four and a half months have been about as good as we could have hoped, thanks primarily to our benefactor, Bob Denham, whose generosity, despite years of exposure to it, continues to surprise and delight Joe and me both.  Bob is about as good a person as anyone could hope to encounter, and he’s brilliant and funny besides.  I have been fitfully blogging on his book, Northrop Frye: Religious Visionary and Architect of the Spiritual World, and so my first new year’s resolution is also the easiest to keep, and that is to continue to post on it as I make my way through it.  I’m a fast talker but a very slow reader, and the better the book, the slower the progress.  Bob’s book, being as good as it is — and I told him in all honesty recently that it so outclasses me that I’m simply hanging on for dear life, and I’m only on chapter two — will no doubt require all of my non-teaching attention through the winter.  This is also exactly the right time to thank our other correspondents as warmly as possible, Russell Perkin and Peter Yan, not to mention our regular guest bloggers.  You know who you are.  Thanks so much for everything you’ve done and everything you will continue to do.

My second resolution is to expand the purview of this site.  It began as a side project to the journal (which originally was to be an independent entity using another platform at another McMaster-hosted website), but took on a life of its own until it absorbed the journal altogether and spontaneously generated the Robert D. Denham Library, which, once again, thanks to our kindly benefactor, is now the most remarkable thing about it.  We are currently the most happening Northrop Frye-related social networking site in the known universe.  Yeah, I said it.  Happening.  Frye.  Here.  If you don’t like it, then call us out.  Or simply drop us a line at fryeblog@gmail.com

My third resolution is to at least try to stop blaming Bush/Cheney and all they represent for everything that is wrong with this world — even though they are and even though I won’t.

Fourth resolution: diet and exercise.

As for you, we ask only that you resolve to post here on any Frye-related thoughts that pass through your beautiful minds.

We’re here for you.


And I promised myself I wasn’t going to cry . . .

A happy, healthy and prosperous 2010 to you all.