5 thoughts on “Kate McGarrigle, 1946 – 2010

  1. Joseph Adamson

    OK, Mike, I think it’s time to rechristen the blog: The Educated Imagination: a weblog dedicated to the work of Northrop Frye and Michael Happy’s Play List! If you don’t learn to control yourself, I’m going to start posting Sinatra videos, and then you’ll be sorry.

  2. Michael Happy Post author

    Laughing! I wondered, Joe, how much rope you’d give me before I hung myself.

    For what it’s worth, because our hoped-for community includes the Frye Festival, I think that we can encompass cultural events and happenings in real time. Plus, Frye of course is extraordinarily relevant to popular culture, and, not only can we “cover” it, we can also occasionally immerse ourselves in it for the sheer pleasure of it.

    Also, sadly, the passing of Kate McGarrigle, one of the greatest songwriters this country has ever produced, is real news.

    Finally, do you really think I’m going to complain if you put up Sinatra?? I only ask that, like me, you at least pretend by whatever dubious means are available to you, that it is some sense Frye-related; even if it is only to say, “Isn’t art just the effing greatest, just like Frye said?”

  3. Russell Perkin

    Perhaps it was in keeping with Frye’s interest in the offbeat and esoteric that Michael gave us David Bowie with Bing Crosby, a highlight of the holiday season on the blog! Kind of like the youtube equivalent of _Chariots of the Gods_. 🙂

  4. Trevor Losh-Johnson

    I think we should keep our heads, and take a deep breath. Because I own a recording of Sinatra singing Old Man River. That likely constitutes a Strangelovian doomsday device for any blog.


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