Saturday Night Video: “All You Need is Love”


Do we ever need any excuse to watch the Beatles?  Here’s their famous worldwide live broadcast of “All You Need Is Love,” four days into the summer of love.

Another classic performance after the jump.


“Hey Jude”

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One thought on “Saturday Night Video: “All You Need is Love”

  1. Trevor Losh-Johnson


    For those of us who have actually broken off relationships because of a partner’s lack of love for The Beatles, this is a lovely(if ironic) post!

    I know there exists another version of Hey Jude, in which the Lady Who Claps Poorly enters at a high velocity and collides with Paul. But because my computer is not itself working at a high velocity, I have not found it. I did, however, come across the video that includes John’s little-known but very-scary David Frost song.



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