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Picture of the Day


Sarah Palin at a fund-raiser in Hamilton, Ontario, April 15th.

I am posting this only at the special request of Californian Trevor Losh-Johnson, who will be joining the graduate program at McMaster in September and was curious to know how the Palin appearance played here.

Well, you can see by the photo that she’s turned writing on her hand into Christianist shtick.

If you want to know how the Hamilton Spectator covered the event, you can read its headline story here.

Here are the first four grafs:

Hamilton’s NHL ambitions have the support of Sarah Palin.

The former Alaska governor, in town last night for a fundraiser at Carmen’s Banquet Centre that raised $50,000 for a children’s charity, was at the Sheraton hotel in downtown Hamilton before the evening event.

“I’m overlooking Copps Coliseum and I thought, what a great place for an NHL franchise,” she told a sellout crowd of more than 900 people at the east Mountain banquet centre.

“You’re all set up for it,” she said to applause. “If I ever meet the president of the NHL, I’ll put a little bug in his ear,” Palin said.

That about capture it for you, Trevor?

To be fair, you can read Spec columnist Jeff Mahoney’s very funny “sneak peek” at her speech here — which perhaps confirms that satire may now be more relevant than what otherwise passes for news.

Bill Maher on the whole writing-on-the-hand thing after the jump.

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Thomas Middleton


Today is playwright Thomas Middleton‘s birthday (1580 – 1627).  I once joked to a prof that if there’d been no Shakespeare, we’d be reading Middleton by default.  Not meaning to diss the birthday boy but, the impressive output notwithstanding, we got the better end of the deal.

Frye in Notebook 9:

One, or two, reasons why this is not an age of great tragedy are improved methods of contraception and of police investigation.  In The Changeling two people are arrested for murder on the ground that they left town the day after the murder took place: one needs ghosts of victims & confessions by the guilty to improve the quality of detection.  (CW 20, 256-7)

Trailer for a current English production of The Changeling after the jump.

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Quote of the Day [Updated]


Masaccio, Adam and Eve Expelled from Paradise, 1427

Creation, sex, shame, and sin in Milton’s Paradise Lost:

In refusing to recognize the Son as their own creative principle, then, the devils are closing the gate of their own origin.  This theme of closing the gate of origin recurs all through the epic, and is the basis of the feeling which later appears in humanity as what Milton calls shame.  Shame to Milton is something deeper and more sinister in human emotion than simply the instinctive desire to cover the genital organs.  It is rather a state of mind which is the fall itself: it might be described as the emotional response to the state of pride.

Frye, The Return of Eden (University of Toronto, 37)

Update: Andrew Sullivan has been running a discussion on Christ and sexuality at his blog; you can pick up the thread here.