Sign the Petition to Support the CRTC and Stop Fox News North! [Updated]

Sign here to stop the Harper-Mulroney-Quebecor axis from imposing a politicized rightwing “mandatory access” news channel on cable service providers.


CRTC Chair Konrad von Finckenstein has already refused Sun TV’s application for a “must carry” license because it didn’t meet the necessary requirements, but parent company Quebecor is still pressing a fast track application that would give it “mandatory access” status.

The Harper government is facilitating the process, and is apparently trying to drive von Finckenstein from office in order to put someone more amenable in place.

The next CRTC hearing on the matter is November 19th.

Read the Avaaz mass email in an earlier post here.

Sign the petition to “Stop Fox News North” here.

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2 thoughts on “Sign the Petition to Support the CRTC and Stop Fox News North! [Updated]

    1. Michael Happy Post author

      Avaaz is a global organization, but I’m guessing that for the purposes of securing the legitimacy of the petition, the organizers have restricted it to Canada. Avaaz has already complained of sabotage ( by people looking to undermine the campaign and, not surprisingly, that’s allowed the right leaning media to dismiss the whole thing. That must be distressing for such people because it already exceeds by far — and in only just a few days — the number of people who have joined the Sun TV News Facebook page over the last couple of months.


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