We are doing so well that it exceeds expectation.  We have doubled our readership since early March and it continues to rise steadily.  By early spring we could expect to get 300 to 400 visits per day on a particularly good string of days.  In the last month or so that has increased to 400 to 500 per day.  This past week we seem to have broken very decisively through the 500 upper limit and are steadily moving toward 600 visits per day.  That translates anywhere between 12,000 to 14,000 visits per month — and from all around the world too.  The better news is that we are are still finding our community.  These numbers can go still higher, I have no doubt.

So here’s what we’re looking for: byline correspondents who will post for us on a regular basis, whatever “regular” means to you: twice a week, once week, once every two weeks, once a month — or just anytime you’re in the mood and have reason to post.  It doesn’t matter how often you post.  It only matters that you post.

As you may have noticed I’ve come up with various strategies to ensure the blog portion of the site has daily content, and I (along with a solid core of devotees) try to write a number of posts per week on current events that bring Frye relevantly into play.  Which suggests that all of this is engaging enough for our increasing readership.  Plus more and more people are searching our more than one thousand archived posts while also delving deep into the Denham library, which is already an extraordinary resource that has only been around for nine months and will continue to grow.  We have great plans for it.

The other thing we need therefore are a couple of technically proficient administrators who can work behind the scenes to care for the Denham library.  And we definitely need an administrator for the site’s Facebook page to extend our outreach.

Either way, we need more content from more people, and we hope any number of you might come forward.  We have a lot of readers.  We’d like more of them to become contributors.

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