Levant and Libel

Libel suits are nothing new to Ezra Levant, who’s racked up a remarkable number of them in the last decade.

He’s currently shilling for a new book about the Alberta tar sands called (no joke) Ethical Oil, despite that fact that Alberta’s bitumen is the single most toxic source of oil mining in the world.

But that should come as no surprise.  In 1994 Levant was in Washington D.C. for an internship funded by the Charles G. Koch Summer Fellow Progam.  Charles Koch and his brother David own 84% of Koch Industries, an oil production conglomerate, and have pumped tens of millions of dollars into funding global warming denialism.

It’s thanks to the efforts of the Koch brothers that a lot of people think they can have an opinion on global warming (maybe yes, maybe no) — which is like having an opinion on gravity.

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