Jacques Lacan


Lacan on the unconscious (French with English subtitles)

On this date Jacques Lacan was born (1901 – 1981).

A telling citation of Lacan in Notebook 52:

The Jewish Sabbath begins at sundown on Friday, which is Venus’ day: white goddess modulating into black bride.  I’m sure the Tempest masque and the exclusion of Venus from it are connected, what with the insistence on preserving Miranda’s virginity.  Lacan is wrong: it isn’t just the phallus that’s lost, but since the Fall every sexual union has had, or been, a screw loose.  Yeats’s poem on Solomon and Sheba is the one to consult. (CW 6, 454)

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One thought on “Jacques Lacan

  1. Glenna Sloan

    In her paper, Johanne Aitken tells us that Frye’s ideas live and flourish today in elementary and secondary literature curricula. This is heartening. In New York state and beyond, this has not been my experience. The ideas of Louise Rosenblatt, under the umbrella known widely as “reader response,” continue to be the basis for most literary studies. I plan to share her paper with my students, elementary teachers, and with colleagues who prepare secondary literature teachers.I would very much like to hear from elementary and secondary teachers with specifics about their application of Frye’s ideas in their classrooms.


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