Quote of the Day: Canadian Patriotism

Food for thought for Kory Teneycke to chew on and digest before he decides to call anyone’s “patriotism” into question, let alone that of one of the world’s great writers — on the assumption, of course, that Northrop Frye meets his test for being sufficiently patriotic:

Within the last twenty-five years, as the country has become more articulate, I think there has been a gradually growing realization that the exploiting of nature may in its way be just as evil as the exploiting of other human beings. Writers in Canada today tend to be fiercely patriotic but their patriotism is not connected so much with the nation or even the society of Canada. It is connected rather with the natural environment of Canada, with their insistence that Canada is not just a place to be looted and plundered by commercial interests — cutting down trees, polluting lakes, exterminating the fish and the animals.  (CW 25, 225)

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One thought on “Quote of the Day: Canadian Patriotism

  1. Bob Denham

    “I suppose California’s all right, but, oh God, I’d rather live in Canada.” ––Frye to his secretary, Jane Welch, letter of 9 April 1969.


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