Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

On this date in 1942 the CBC was authorized.

Frye in “Across the River and out of the Trees”:

I have no space or expertise to tell the story of the golden age of the N[ational] F[ilm] B[oard] and CBC radio in the forties and early fifties.  That has been done before, and it is generally recognized that film and radio are the media of much the best work produced in Canadian culture.  The benefits extended into literature, through radio plays and such programs as “Anthology,” and Andrew Allan and Robert Weaver are names of the same kind of significance in Canadian writing that publishers like Briggs had in the nineteenth century.  Radio has also influenced, I think, the development of a more orally based poetry, more closely related to recitation and a listening audience, and popular in the way that poetry had not been for many centuries.  (CW 12, 560-1)

From the CBC Television archives, “Impressions of Northrop Frye,” first broadcast, September 2, 1973.  (As far as I can tell, this video clip is playable only in Internet Explorer.)

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