Saturday Night at the Movies: “1984”


The 1984 film adaptation of 1984.  I cannot embed this video, but you may watch it in very high quality and in full at Google Video here.

The film was actually shot in the industrial ruins of England during the same time period of the events depicted.  It’s a very powerful little movie made at a time when the Brits still made such movies.  Note the propaganda film being shown during the opening “two minutes hate” sequence.  The first minute of it sure looks familiar.  Authoritarianism of the left and authoritarianism of the right end up in much the same place.

After the jump, the 1954 BBC production of the novel, if you’d prefer something more vintage.

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2 thoughts on “Saturday Night at the Movies: “1984”

  1. John Caputo

    Thank you for making it possible to see this impressive production 54 years after it was shown. In its own way I found it to be every bit as powerful of the much more expensive and lavish film made in 1984. Though the visuals are obviously dated and the sets limited by the fact this was essentially a stage production, the acting was superb and carried the storyline most effectively.

  2. Tamara M

    I didn’t even know about this earlier version. As a someone who loves 1984 I admit I’m embarassed and excited at the same time!


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