Gay Pride Week


Today is the first day of Gay Pride Week.

This past month we’ve posted on Alan Turing who committed suicide in 1954.  Bob Denham put together a post last fall on “Frye and Homosexuality” here.

Frye in his 1952 diary made the following entry; remember that this is at a time when homosexuality was illegal and could definitively end a career — and all too often a life:

I have never myself felt any physical basis to my affectionate feelings for other men, but there must be one, and it seems to me to be as pointless to speak of all male love as buggery as it would be to speak of all marriage as legalized whoring.  When Marlowe said that the beloved disciple was Christ’s Alexis, he wasn’t just being a bad boy: the sense of his remark is that Christ’s love, being human, must have had a substantial quality in it.  (CW 8, 465)

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