Northrop Frye School


Unveiling the construction of the new Northrop Frye School this morning

The good people at the Northrop Frye Festival these days seem to move with enviable confidence from success to success.  As you can see, their lobbying has finally given us the Northrop Frye School, now under construction in Moncton.  It will be a kindergarten to grade 8 school for 650 children.  It will open in January 2011.

Congratulations to all concerned.

A picture of the school’s new principal and vice principal after the jump.

Tina Landry (right) and Kathy Steeves (left) - Principal and Vice-Principal

Tina Landry (right), principal, and Kathy Steeves (left), vice principal; the newly unveiled Northrop Frye School under construction behind them

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2 thoughts on “Northrop Frye School

  1. Emily

    Hi. I will be going to this school is it going to be huge ? Will it be bigger than Evergreen Park? What will it look like? I’ve heard rumors there will be a swimming pool in it. Is that true?

  2. Michael Happy Post author

    Hi Emily. Here’s what I’ve been able to find out about the school. You’ll notice there’s a contact number at the end if you’d like to call to find out more:

    The school is being built on Ryan Street as part of a public-private partnership with Brunswick Learning Centres Inc. It will cover 10,219 sq. m (110,000 sq. ft.) and accommodate 650 students from kindergarten to Grade 8.

    The school will include: 27 classrooms; a literacy support room; a resource centre; a technology education room; a cafeteria and kitchen; a science room; two gymnasiums; two music rooms; two visual arts rooms; two resource teaching rooms; and three team teaching rooms.

    As part of the provincial government’s Green Buildings Program, the school has been designed to achieve a silver rating under the Principles of Leadership in Energy and Environment Design (LEED), a rating system used to measure green building performance in Canada.

    MEDIA CONTACTS: Valerie Kilfoil, communications, Department of Education, 506-470-3178; Aubrey Kirkpatrick, director of finance, administration and communications, School District 2, 506-856-3222.


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