Quote of the Day: Frye on Police and Society


Riot police confront demonstrators in Toronto over the weekend

Frye in his May 30th, 1969 Convocation Address at York University during a period of general campus unrest:

“In the past week I have seen, and heard about, the most incredible acts of police brutality and stupidity against the students.  And yet even this is not one society repressing another, but a single society that cannot escape from its own bungling.  Whatever we most condemn in our society is stll a part of ourselves, and we cannot disclaim responsibility for it.”  (CW 7, 393)

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One thought on “Quote of the Day: Frye on Police and Society

  1. nicholas william graham

    “A prehuman God is the most meaningless idol ever worshiped.”

    –N. Frye, FEARFUL SYMMETRY, p. 256 [CW vol. 14, p. 254]


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