Police Provocateurs at Montebello Summit, 2007

This CBC report from 2007 describes how three police officers were caught posing as masked, rock wielding “anarchists” at the 2007 Security and Prosperity Partnership Summit (Canada, U.S. and Mexico) in Montebello, Quebec.  (The Surete du Quebec later confirmed that these three men were indeed police officers, but denied they were doing anything wrong.)

There of course ought to be no rush to judgement here regarding events in Toronto, but what is striking is how similar the apparent motivation, and that is to discredit otherwise peaceable demonstrations.  Because no matter how you frame what happened in Toronto over the weekend, it is indisputable that the police did not move against the Black Bloc vandals who went on a 90 minute rampage in the downtown core, but they did encircle, attack and detain hundreds of peaceful demonstrators afterward.

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